Kaybee Pictures offers full production support and can cater to your production in every way.

We have a database of crew from Directors to Runners with direct personal contact to many known technicians in the UK and India. We can acquire any technician according to their date availability and project demand.
We can arrange a full multi camera set up with vision mixing and live satellite broadcasting capability.
We have arrangements with caterers, who can either deliver foodstuff to the set or provide a full time on-site catering service. All catering services offer different types of cuisine at highly competitive rates from menus designed as per your demands.
We have corporate accounts set up with hotel chains and privately owned hotels around the UK. We also have engaged estate agents to offer service apartments, hostels and houses at an exclusive rate for any accommodation requirement.
Our transport companies supply us with all ranges of transport and facility vehicles required by any scale of production. Our exclusive weekly agreements can be negotiated to contain all peripheral expenses, including congestion charges, petrol and driver fees.
We have a large database of various interior and exterior locations and have long established relations with local Government authorities and are able to cover all necessary permissions. Our resident Location Managers will work with you according to your script and direction, covering locations all around the UK. We will provide you with excellent choices according to your vision and budgetary requirements.
We have a large database of multilingual artistes and extras of mixed ethnicity of all ages; we have excellent relationships with a wide array of casting directors and agencies; as well as close personal relationships with many stars from the UK, America and Indian Film Industries.
We have experienced personnel that can ably manage all your budgeting requirements, calculating all production costs, presenting them on a Movie Magic format for your approval. We can help you with cost of budget according to your requirement.
We have systems set up, in assistance with reputed accountancy firms, whereby we can arrange VAT reclaim for overseas companies. Also we can help with any Tax subsidiary available in UK. Beside Production Accounts we can provide Auditors for the projects.
We have strong relationships with insurance companies that can give immediate quotes for insurance according to your particular needs. After approving the quotes and depending on your final requirements, we can provide you with your insurance by the next working day.
We can oversee all legal formalities within a production, such as location releases, artiste releases, crew contracts, and contracts with vendors for the benefit of producers.