Kaybee Pictures offers full development guidance and support to both amateur and professional film makers who are looking for film funding, local and international film production and distribution.


A complete development check list and structure is a must when aiming to have your script or film project produced further within the industry. Without a fully developed idea which covers everything from pre-production planning, production and distribution it is incredibly difficult to progress with a film idea within the movie industry.


Kaybee Pictures has an experience team with a varied background and skill set who will work with you in moulding your project to industry level standard.


Kaybee Pictures offer the following in our Development Package:


  • Story and Script Development
    • Kaybee Pictures offers script evaluation and development to film and TV scripts. We give our creative insight and input to your scripts, with our comments and suggestion and a detailed report explaining the necessary changes to be done to the script. A team of experts examine your script and polish and adapt the script from a creative a business point of view ensuring your script is industry ready.


    • Kaybee Pictures, with its diverse clientele, is used to work with people from all over the globe, thus we offer international translations and proof reading for all scripts. Our experts work to structure your script to the proper industry format and will revise all spelling and punctuation.

  • Distribution
    • Kaybee Pictures works with a variety of international distributors, production companies and casting agents. Kaybee Pictures covers and breaks down the viable points of your project to potential buyers of your script which include, story, target audience, potential profitability and potential distribution.

We guarantee that your work will be read by industry professionals and developed by experts whose goal is to make your project a reality.