Sambar Salsa

An odd combination…..but a great recipe!


A tale of a possessive South Indian mother faced with the prospective of a Spanish daughter-in-law and the lengths the two women go to keep the man in their life.


Veteran Bollywood Actor Rishi Kapoor plays Om Suri, the father trying to keep peace in his family, while television actress Preyanka plays the stellar role of the South Indian mother opposing everyone on all sides. Roberta Caocci plays the spirited Spanish girl, and caught in the cross-fire is Surya Suri, a role essayed by newcomer Ateesh Randev.


The ensuing family drama has been turned into highly entertaining cinema that is sure to keep audiences amused and intrigued throughout. Sambar Salsa could well give new meaning to fine dining!


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Om Suri is a man with shades of contradiction in his character.  Through the years of his marriage to Alamelu, he has moulded himself more into her South Indian ways than retaining his own, partly due to his love for her, and partly due to her dominating nature.

played by Rishi Kapoor

This is veteran Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor’s first appearance in an English language film.  He has had roles in over 100 films, with a career spanning over 30 years, making him one of the most globally recognisable actors in the Indian industry.


Alamelu Suri

Alamelu comes from a typical Iyengar Brahmin family with military connections, her father having been Lt. Colonel of Punjab Regiment.  Alamelu and OS fell in love and married against stiff parental opposition. She loves her son, Surya, with a passion that almost borders on obsession. She is afraid to ‘let go’, a fact that almost proves to be her undoing.

played by Preyanka

Beginning her acting career as a child, Preyanka is now a popular television actress in India.


Surya Suri

Surya Suri is soft-spoken though fiercely independent minded. He is restless and eager to pursue his ambitions and dreams.  Deeply attached to his mother, he would never think of hurting her.

played by Ateesh Randev

Ateesh Randev was previously a television presenter and is currently engaged in numerous feature projects.