OXYGEN (British Feature)

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“CHILD ABUSE” – Who has not heard about it? But there will be never enough one can do. Abused carry the burden all through their lives; they and their family need support system to learn to live a normal life. We at Kaybee Pictures decided to make the film “OXYGEN” to contribute what ever we can towards the cause. We will be contributing 15% of our net profit and will require your support to HELP achieve this.

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25 year old Aryan Mathur is a very closed and introvert person due to a lifetime of emotional turmoil, distress and a dark secret that haunts him. Aryan’s older brother Sameer has been a father figure to Aryan whilst their father, Suresh Mathur, has been locked away in prison for the past 10 years on charges of murder for killing the local priest. Suresh’s arrest has a huge impact on his family, Aryan is unable to express himself emotionally and becomes more of a recluse, distancing himself from family and friends, Sameer becomes the man of the house and Suresh’s wife, Madhu Mathur, a woman who has been controlled by her religion and her husband, has grown stronger and independent woman in her husband’s absence.


Suresh is released early after an appeal and a reduction of charges from murder to manslaughter; however it’s quickly apparent that his arrest and early release are just the beginning of the Mathur family’s problems. Suresh has become angry man with his last 10 years of his experience and lashes out at his family after his release from the prison. He believes in outdated traditions and culture and as an Indian man he feels he should rule his household and his family. Suresh soon learns that his family have changed, his wife has lost all faith in her religion and now has her own life, Sameer is no longer the angry and rebellious boy he once was, and to Suresh’s shock, Aryan is still the same quiet and strange boy he was as a child. Life after prison for Suresh is hard as he must adjust to a changed world in which he is hated by a community and family that he thought once loved and respected him. This was only due his dominating nature.


Aryan’s emotional distress and pain is the result of a dark secret involving the priest and his murder. His only outlet for his pain and suffering are his paintings. Aryan uses his paintings to express his hurt and eventual happiness when he meets 23 year old aspiring journalist Elle.


Elle is given the difficult task of investigating the Mathur family and the effect the murder has had on them all. However, she discovers that it’s not going to be easy to get the Mathur family to talk and it isn’t until a chance meeting with Aryan that she begins to get the answers she wants. Elle unexpectedly finds herself being drawn to Aryan. She and Aryan begin a relationship neither of them saw coming, a relationship which makes Elle realise what is important in life and gives Aryan something he has been missing for a long time; happiness.


Aryan’s happiness is short-lived as Elle tries her hardest to be with a resisting Aryan she becomes intimate, Rajen the priest’s son is on the warpath to make Aryan’s life hell, Suresh continues to take out his anger and frustration out on Aryan. Aryan must watch as his father tries to destroy his family and once again gain control of his mother. Aryan is trying to cope with all of his problems, the search for a happy life and the dark secret he has kept since he was a child, which he hopes nobody will ever find out.

How Aryan find peace with himself?
What roll Elle plays in his life to get him to be normal?
What happens to the family and how they learn to live with the trauma Aryan has gone through?
“Oxygen is the story of subdued Aryan and how one person’s support help him get back to living a normal life.
It is a story to be told and show what a single person’s support can bring back the abused child to live normally.
“Oxygen” is adapted from true life incident.