What to look for when investing in film

Every film starts off as an idea which then develops into a story. 
Our job is to help mould these stories into a script which can be expertly and artistically presented onto film.

Our media experts will spend time analyzing and dissecting these stories both creatively and for business ensuring a script will be both profitable and a creative success.

We offer investors the chance to judge a script for themselves and will send either a hard or digital copy to you for your opinion. Each script will be properly formatted and presented so you the investor can fully understand and enjoy the scripts we recommend to you.


Cast – The right cast for a film is very important when selling a script or film. A big name star an sell a movie before people even know what the film is about. People will be naturally attracted to a film if it has a leading star attached to it and at Kaybee we always look to secure named actors and actresses to our projects. We will however only pick an actor if they’re right for the part and we believe strongly enough that we have a good and solid script.

We have a good relationship with a number of high profile casting directors who have offered us big profile stars in the past. However it is important to note that securing a budget will make securing a big star to the project a lot easier.


Crew – Kaybee Pictures has a team of dedicated and experience production team ranging from camera men to directors. We have access to a variety of crew members that can accommodate all kinds of productions both big and small. We aim to provide the minimum amount of crew per production without affecting the quality of the production and ensuring the budget of the production is not effected.

We provide investors with complete documentation for our crew, including CV’s, show reels and IMDB links. Investors can feel secure knowing that Kaybee only employs experienced crews with proven track records of delivering quality productions.

We regularly research new and up and coming crew members as well as working with from our current and dedicated clientele. Kaybee offers new talent the opportunity to learn and use there skills in our productions. We scout new innovations and crew during our visits to media conferences and film festivals.


Developed Project – A film can take several years to hit the cinemas. The planning involved in making a film is very important and every detail, from scripting to post-production must be extremely detailed to ensure a quality production.

In the development phase the script or story from a writer is worked on to bring it to life as a proper business proposal.

In this stage:

  • A Producer leads the work
  • An Executive Producer searches for financing partners
  • The script is reviewed, improved and regenerated (by a Script Editor)
  • The script is line-budgeted and scheduled professionally
  • Business plan developed
  • Kaybee staff and crew become “attached” to the project
  • Kaybee suppliers are identified

In some cases talent can become attached to the script at this stage prior to financing.