London Life

Directed by Naveen Medaram


Raj arrives in London as a student, ending up in a house with six strangers after making friends with Kumar on the flight from India. At the house, he meets Anita, Mumbai ‘princess’, used to the high life, who doesn’t know the meaning of the word struggle. This causes a clash with Raj, whose lower middle-class background means that his objective is to provide support to his parents back home; they are relying on him achieving success in London. Meanwhile, Anita’s own ‘struggle’ is against her parents and the fact that they are arranging a marriage for her, which is the reason she has escaped to the UK, with studying as an excuse.Raj’s new friend, Kumar, has arrived in London determined to prove himself worthy to his girlfriend’s parents whilst painstakingly trying to maintain a long-distance relationship with a girl whose interest in him is waning.


Suresh, the ‘big brother’ of the house, who has given Raj a place to stay, has unfortunately fallen into an illegal system; he tries to keep a number of jobs so that he can continue paying for his fake visa extensions.

The house’s caring figure, Paro, is beginning to secure herself a future in London, and prepares to bring her husband over from India, by taking help from the suave professional, Manish, who wants more from her than friendship. However, this womanizer intentions are not honorable; for Manish, Paro is just a high-scoring conquest.


London Life is the story of these housemates, as well as many students from overseas, and the hardships they face in a strange and sometimes unwelcoming land, where they must try to get used to a new culture as well as one another. They have all arrived in London for different reasons, with varying dreams and aspirations and find that life in this country is not what they expected it to be and that their futures are uncertain.




Played by Asad Shan

A good-nature and well-mannered young man whose main focus is to succeed so that he can support his family back home.  He finds that life in England isn’t as he had dreamed it would be and must struggle to survive.



Played by Amber Rose Revah

She is a smart and feisty young lady whose well-to-do Mumbai upbringing has left her with a superiority complex; she is most evidently the ‘princess’ of the house and sees herself as being above all others. 



Played by Valmike Rampersad

A happy-go-lucky and upbeat individual whose mind is always on the girlfriend that he has left back home in India.



Played by Armaan Kirmani

A suave professional, who has been sent to the UK by his company in India.  He is a huge flirt, who will hit on any woman he finds attractive, to any extent.