Investment with Kaybee 
Kaybee Pictures has a history of continued growth in film, TV production & offers you a chance to be involved with our company.
We produce a range of media, including film, TV and documentaries working with both large and small budgets.

Our investment opportunities are open to anyone who is interested in getting involved with the film and production industry.


Kaybee chooses there projects very carefully and we use very strict processes when choosing a project to work on. We ensure that there will be minimal risk when taking on a project and that we aim to recoup 70% of equity before exhibition through UK tax relief.


We have a team of experience industry professionals who oversee investor’s entire projects ensuring not only professional standard work but also full protection to the investor. Our professionals have a range of skills that can be implemented throughout the whole project from scripting and pre-production to further development and final distribution.


Kaybee Pictures utilises EIS tax systems, mitigating tax risk by slate funding and uniquely with equity protection for large equity investors through AA+ rated financial tools that guarantee the principle and return over 3-5 years regardless of the film’s success.


Kaybee works with realistic budgets ensuring a profitable return. Where necessary we combine regional and subsidised state funding, the UK tax credits and where practical film in other countries where there are advantageous tax break incentives.


Distributors traditionally fund the P&A budgets (print & advertising) and charge back. Costs can be high due to the money spent on giving the films exposure, on billboards, radio and TV commercials. Kaybee Pictures will work alongside studios to develop marketing campaigns in-house that will utilise android, text and internet mediums including social media.


Kaybee Pictures with its extensive contact list of industry professionals ensures that each invested project is covered by any and all services ranging from script development and pre-production to further development and distribution.


Kaybee Pictures attends a variety of film festivals to ensure each project gets international exposure and worldwide acclaim. This is key to having an invested project going from initial idea to box office hit.