Our Films

With a base in both India and the United Kingdom, Kaybee Pictures has and will continue to adopt the company’s methodology of integrating cast and crew from India with that from the UK to produce films with an India-centric theme to them. We aspire to put such films onto the world stage using extensive research, thought, creative design and eminent references in all aspects of the film making craft.


Our Films
London Life


Starring:  Asad Shan, Amber Rose Revah, Valmike Rampersad, Armaan Kirmani,
Shivani Ghai, Ameer Choudrie & Nandini Rao


Directed by Naveen Medaram


Currently in post-production





Our Films
Sambar Salsa


Starring: Rishi Kapoor, Preyanka, Ateesh Randev
& Roberta Caocci


Directed by Aditya Raj Kapoor


DVD out now