Technical Team

Nathan Sritharan

Nathan has been writing short stories and films for the past 10 years and has
won a variety of local awards. During his time at University Nathan won the University of Portsmouth ‘Best Drama award’ for his original script. Since then he has continued writing TV and filmscripts and has been a main contributor to
a men’s magazine as a film and games critic. Nathan is currently writing for Kaybee Pictures as a script writer.



Amit Prajapati
Writer / DIrector

Ameet Prajapati a citizen of India, born in 1985, Guwahati, Assam. The youngest boy in his family had a dream to become a filmmaker. He joined ASMS (Film School in NOIDA UP.) in 2006, and completed his filmmaking course by 2009, In his early days at his film school, he was very found of screenwriting and later on, he joined as a lecturer in the same collage for Screenwriting and Film studies.

While teaching in ASMS and AAFT (Film Schools in NOIDA. UP) he did many freelance works in corporate and Ad films for companies like Britaniya, Harvest Gold, Maruti Suzuki etc. He also assisted writer director Mr. Manish Gupta as assistant writer.

In the year 2011, Ameet Prajapati came up with his first script of a shorter length movie “The Colors of Pride” staring Mr. Tom Alter, he pitched the script to some businessmen to generate funds, as the film was set in the era of 1845 Rajasthan India.

With an aim to make a “film of a shorter length”, not just a regular short film, Ameet Prajapati and his team worked hard, and on March 2012 they proved it to everyone.  “The Colors of Pride” was selected in 14th Mumbai Film Festival, and winner at Jaipur International Film Festival 2012.

With the same passion, Ameet Prajapati made another film of shorter length “The Coffin Maker”, which was selected in top 4 films of Bharamaputra Valley Film Festival.  Recently Pocket Films screened  “The Coffin Maker” on the National Television NDTV Prime.

His recent work of art is another short film named as “Sangrah” Being the collector. Which was screened at Cannes short film corner in 2014. “Sangrah”.

Presently Ameet Prajapati is working on his first feature length film, “School Chalega..?” Produced by “Children Film Society of India” and The Satish Kaushik Entertainment, the film is based on the life of street children, who lives around the premises of Dadar railway station and railway yard.